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This is a good thing. Even in the end, she is still a victim, and the worst thing always happens. Sean completely abandoned her, a realistic sex doll. She will wear sexy clothes to go to the bar to spend her life. The guy who flirted with her took her to the bitch and saw her dress, which didn't surprise me. As usual, Sean came to save him, but this time it was very different. Sean raised her love doll high, she has become the wreckage in his eyes, it is difficult to see like this. But it's always fun to push the characters further to see how far they can go. On the other hand, I hope to see the story of the silicone doll and the TPE doll again because it has been shelved. This is an absolute doll, and all its accessories are unimaginable. The owner, Jacobs, said: "This is where my customers are waiting." Then he opened the black curtains and we entered a large room. The lights are dim, the carpet is bright red and thick. Therefore, I think these dolls can provide great help to people in fragile situations, as described in the article (anxiety, dismemberment, etc.), but even if the problems are intellectually interesting, they may not be related to the facts. I am not saying that it is not of interest, but the sexual life of a 21st century human (or at least Westerners) will largely cease to exist between robots and humans rather than between humans and humans. In my opinion, “a huge danger to humanity” seems to be inappropriate.

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